I  born in France and grew up in Marseille. At the age of 12 i move to Les Saintes, a small Caribbean island, with my family. Back in France to continue my studies, i qualified as a cinematography technician in Saint-Quentin. I then worked as an AC, electrician, and gaffer before becoming a camera operator, cinematographer and underwater cinematographer on commercials, music videos and features.

Since 2005 i shoot many Feature film and TV show, my last feature was ATHENA directed by Romain Gavras, the movie was selected to Official Competition at la Mostra di Venezzia in 2022. Also i did the  feature about the Eiffel Tower construction starring Emma Mckey and Romain Duris directed by Martin Bourboulon and  the biopic of the French diver and explorer Cousteau  "The Odyssey" directed by Jerome Salle, staring Audrey Tautou, Lambert Wilson and Pierre Niney. The movie was shoot in 5 different country around the world including Antartica.

Award and Shortlist 


WINAMAX directed by Romain Chassaing BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY WOOD PENCIL DA&D Award 2023 

DIESEL "FRANCESCA" directed by Francois Rousselet - Cannes GOLD LION Best Cinematography 2021- Silver Clio Award Best Cinematography, Silver Best cinematography French Artistic Director Club 2021.

ADOBE  directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Shortlist Best Cinematography CANNES LION 2021.

ORANGE "THE BATTLE"  directed by Francois Rousselet - Bronze Best cinematography French Artistic Director Club 2020.

LEROY MERLIN  "Life'sAdventure " directed by Reynald Gresset - Silver LION Cannes 2017, Bronze CLIO best cinematography, Kinsale Shark ward best cinematography, Shortlist Best cinematography LION cannes 2017, Gold best cinematography Club des DA.

NIKE "da da ring" directed by Francois Rousselet- D&AD Wood Pencil best cinemathography, Gold Lion Canne 2017

CANAL + "The Cube" 2015 directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet- Silver CLIO best cinematography 

CANAL SAT "The Battle" directed by Thierry Poiraud - Bronze CLIO best cinematography

DECATHLON "Easy Breath" directed by Fleur et Manu - Silver Crystal Best Cinematography 

CHANNEL x PHAREL  Silver Best cinematography club des DA ( French DA club)

KOHO "Dream Thieves" Shortlist best cinematography CANNES LION 2019, Shortlist CLIO award 2019.


ATHENA directed by Romain Gavras - Official Competition la Mostra di venezzia 2022

SK1 directed by Frederic Tellier - Lumière Prize shortlist 2014

ROBINS DES PAUVRES directed by Frederic Tellier - Best cinematography Luchon Award 2013

PIXELS directed by Patrick Jean - Crystal Silver best movie Annecy Festival 2011